Pastor Matt & Laura

Pastor Matthew Gass became our pastor in March of 2010. Pastor and his wife, Laura, and 4 children have continued the legacy of God’s grace at Bible Baptist and have been serving God in ministry for over a decade. Our pastor's growing love for the Lord and His Word is evident in every message he preaches.


Bay Area Bible Baptist Church was founded in 1968 with a heart to reach North Bend and surrounding communities. God has been so good to us through the years and we firmly believe the best is yet to come. We are a church that places a strong emphasis on loving Chirst, and loving others. Because of our love for others and the commission given by Jesus, our church is very missions minded with a balanced perspective of ministry, developed from the principles of God's Word. If you are moving to the Coos Bay area, or perhaps are already a resident of this beautiful coastal region, let us encourage you to visit BABBC, meet its friendly and encouraging church family, and enjoy seeing first hand a church where God's grace is still amazing.